Family Picture

Family Picture

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Taylor's First Day of Kindergarten!

My best friend's name is: Capri McCormick

My favorite thing to play is: Home Living

My favorite color is: Pink and Purple

My favorite book: Frozen

My favorite TV show: Sophia the First

My favorite food: Mac and Cheese

My favorite thing about myself: Jesus is in my heart

When I grow up, I want to: Be a princess

Something I really like: Nannie and Papa's house

Something I really DON'T like: I like everything!

Something I want to do this year: Play with my new friends

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Family beach trip 2015

Mom won a silent auction for a week at a beach house in Fort Morgan. The house was HUGE and so close to the beach, it was great! Baron did a lot of sleeping under the tent. He would fall asleep almost immediately after we got to the beach. Between the sound of the waves and the wind, he didn't stand a chance. Before the end of the week, he did start having a little fun in the sand. 

Taylor had fun from day one! Dancing on the beach, building lots of sandcastles, and even laying out a little bit! :)

We also had some fun at the pool! 

Trying to be just like Mommy!

We also had fun taking traditional pictures on the beach, going out to eat a couple of nights and going to The Track! Taylor played mini golf, rode the Wild Woody track with Daddy and then even drove her own go cart on the kiddie track!

Just a cute picture! 

Baron - Months 7 - 9

During months 7-9, Baron started crawling, pulling up, cruising and even most recently standing on his own! I can't believe he is growing so fast! I think he'll be walking well before he turns 1.

Dressed up for St. Patrick's Day! And, Spring had finally sprung!
Happy Easter! Christ is Risen!
Baron's first Baron's game!
Many people start their babies on cereal at 4 months or so, but I wait until 6 months and start with regular food. I also make the baby food because it's so easy! Baron's first food was avocado. He didn't love it, but he didn't hate it either. He did get a stomach bug and ended up throwing it up a few days later. After that, I didn't give him avocado for a while, but now he loves it! His favorites are bananas and sweet potatoes. He's had all sorts of fruits and veggies and we're starting on meats, beans and grains now. I have so many pictures of Taylor eating food, with it all over her face, but so few of him. I guess that's what happens with subsequent children!

In April, we finally got down to visit Nannie and Papa and went out on the boat. Baron fell asleep pretty quickly and Taylor had fun being the captain!

I love this picture! It's the wallpaper on my phone!

He slept swaddled on his back until he flipped over in his swaddle. I couldn't stop him from sleeping on his belly after that. 

Just before turning 9 months old, Baron got tubes. They were much needed, but I was so apprehensive. He ended up getting them at Children's Hospital, which is where Leah died. I knew I was going to be nervous about the procedure, but I was not prepared for the emotions of just being back in that hospital. From the time we parked and walked in, I was in tears. He did fabulous and he has finally started sleeping through the night! I don't even want to type that for fear of jinxing it!

Cute baby didn't know what was about to happen!
Below are the month by month pictures. He's not growing as much now, he's really slimmed up a lot! 

7 months old! His face is sunburned in this picture because Adam forgot to put sunscreen on him when they went to watch the Blue Angels in Tuscaloosa.

Sister always loves to get in on the pictures!

Other fun things we did during things months:

Adam and I participated in the Insane Inflatable 5K. It was really fun! But HARD!

We registered Taylor for Kindergarten. She's going to be a McAdory Yellow Jacket! 

And, Taylor graduated preschool. Such a hard time for Mommy!!

We also went to the beach, which you can read about here

Baron - Months 4 - 6

Our little boy is getting so big! During these three months, we celebrated Baron's first Christmas and New Year, I went back to work, and he started daycare. Taylor loved having him at school with her and she would get to go visit him often. I'm finally trying to catch up and I'm writing this when he's 9 months old, so I'm having trouble remembering what all happened during these months. I don't think it was much though. The next three months are when all the changes happened!

This is how he spent the Polar Express!
Sweet kids dressed in Alabama PJs. I think this was before the Sugar Bowl.
4 months old and growing so much!
I'm pretty sure he was watching me wrap presents.

We also had 6 months pictures taken by our fabulous photographer. Below are some of my favs!